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Guitar, bass, drums, percussion, music production, music theory & songwriting


I offer both virtual and in-person music lessons in Philadelphia. My primary instrument is the guitar, but I'm also proficient as a self-taught bass player. In addition, I have experience playing drums and percussion in high school marching bands and wind ensembles. I currently teach at multiple music schools in the area.

I also teach music production and audio engineering on multiple DAWs, as well as music theory and songwriting.


- First lesson is free

- $25 per half an hour


Guitar and bass in any genre

Whether you need me to create musical lines from scratch, interpret and elaborate on MIDI sequences or previously recorded parts, or read tab and sheet music for specific arrangements, I've got you covered.

Additionally, I can provide dry stems, re-amp my own tracks, or even attend local recording sessions. Feel free to explore the gear I use in my recording process or watch video examples of me in action.


- Session work: $150 flat rate*

- Guitar/bass recordings: Negotiable rate based on workload


Make your music sound better

I have extensive experience in mixing and mastering a wide range of projects, including virtual concerts, artists I produce for, and local bands in the city. I not only record all of my own projects but have also worked in studios across the country.


My skills extend to re-amping bass and guitar tracks plus expertly mixing individual stems, be it drums, vocals, or other elements. Additionally, I have a solid background in live sound engineering, having worked at multiple venues as well as serving as the tech coordinator for Drexel flux.


- Mix: $200 flat rate*

- Master: $30 flat rate*

- Engineer: $35+ per hour


Let's collaborate



My portfolio represents just a small fraction of the hundreds of creative ideas I have on my hard drive and in my voice memos. I bring experience in various aspects of music creation, from co-writing songs to arranging instruments, or even putting the finishing touches on a nearly complete song.


- $200 flat rate*

- Some form of songwriting/production credit

- Partial master copyright ownership/producer points


Anything from transcriptions, lead sheets, four-part horn harmonies, or classical/contemporary scores for your movie

I've arranged for small jazz combo groups, transcribed numerous solos, and crafted intricate four-part horn harmonies for soul bands. Additionally, I specialize in transcribing guitar parts into tablature, chords, lead sheets, or traditional music notation.


My formal education includes coursework in Music Theory, Modern Arranging, and Scoring to Picture. Over the past year, I've had the privilege of scoring music for four short films. Feel free to explore my scores or browse through some of my previous arrangements to get a sense of my work.


- Arrangement: $100 flat rate per song*

- Score: $500 flat rate per 5 minutes*


Experienced in venues throughout the East Coast in a wide variety of genres and concerts



I've had the privilege of performing with a diverse array of musical ensembles, including pit orchestras for musical theatre productions, multiple jazz and fusion groups, and various talented artists across the East Coast. Take a glimpse of my live performances or check out the artists I've had the pleasure of playing with.


- Live band gig: $150 per show* + transportation costs 

*I'm always open to discussing project-specific rates, and would love to work within your budget if it's reasonable

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